Fullblood Wagyu

Fullblood Wagyu Steak

Cobungra Station has been breeding wagyu cattle since 2001, using the highest quality full blood wagyu genetics as the foundation of our herd development.

We currently have approximately 400 full blood wagyu breeding females. All breeding females have been selected using our own carcass data making sure that each generation is better than the next.

The Cobungra Station full blood herd consists primarily of Tajima Blood breeding cows incorporating Fujioshi and Kedaka traits. This helps maintain optimum frame size without sacrificing meat quality and improves growth rates and milking ability and, most importantly, minimises inbreeding, ensuring that the Cobungra herd has no deformities and very little calf scouring.

Fullblood Wagyu

All wagyu cattle and their progeny used in the full blood breeding program are DNA tested and parent verified as part of certification with the Australian Wagyu Association. This, combined with careful record keeping, an advanced electronic tagging system and industry best practice means the integrity and traceability of the Cobungra full blood wagyu herd can be assured.

Cobungra steers consistently achieve outstanding carcass scores, with approximately 98% of carcasses being graded BMS 9 or higher, with 9 being Australia's highest officially recognized score.

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